Getting started with REX on Raspberry Pi

This is a tutorial for an outdated version of the REX Control System. Please follow the up-to-date Getting started guides listed below:

What is the REX Control System?
I want to know!

This article is a summary of the already published tutorials aimed at new users of the REX Control System on the Raspberry Pi minicomputer.

If you go through the following tutorials, you'll learn the concepts and philosophy of the REX Control System. The individual tutorials cover the following topics:

Part 1 - Installation and blinking LEDs

Turning Raspberry Pi into a target device of the REX Control System. Blinking LEDs ('Hello world' example).

Part 2 - Sensing a pushbutton

Adding input signal to the algorithm. Explanation of the control algorithms in more detail.

Part 3 - Scheduling filtration and lights for pool automation

A step-by-step guide through your very first real project with your Raspberry Pi.

Part 4 - Creating a HMI for smartphone or tablet

Adding user interface to your project, allowing you to control your pool with your smartphone or tablet.

Part 5 - Advancing to a graphical HMI

Part 6 - Advancing to a graphical HMI continues

Two step-by-step guides on creating a graphical user interface in the Inkscape program.