Wireless monitoring and control

Webové HMI řídicího systému REX

REX Controls is involved in the SIRIUS E! 8144 Eurostars project which develops a high-performance, versatile wireless system with self-powered capabilities, used for data acquisition, process monitoring and control, with applications in industrial vibration monitoring, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

An embedded / deep-embedded solution for wireless monitoring and control will be provided, following the idea of distributed intelligence, which now penetrates into modern production lines and technological plants. Such a high-performance system with high-speed accurate sensing, on-board data processing, high-throughput, low-delay and real-time wireless communication is the ideal candidate for a large number of industrial applications.

Such a system can support sustainable maintenance and advanced monitoring and control, and thus contribute to increased safety, optimized energy consumption, improved risk-based analysis and even reduced environmental pollution in a large range of industries.

This system will be a flexible and affordable solution for production SMEs.

A compact and focused consortium works together in building this system:


- Inertia Technology, The Netherlands, R&D SME with proven expertise in wireless sensing – project leader;

- REX Controls, Czech Republic, R&D SME with proven track record in advanced control solutions;

- PROSYS PC, Romania, R&D SME with proven experience in industrial hardware development and integration.


Key innovations achieved:

  • High-performance, high-speed, robust wireless communication.
  • Versatility – the same system can be configured to operate under different performance constraints.
  • Local intelligence, as wireless sensors will be powerful enough to process the sampled data locally.
  • Self-powering capabilities, through energy harvesting.
  • Enabling real-time computations, vibration analysis and other performance assessment procedures.
  • Extensive connectivity capabilities, from the field level to the plant and above levels.


You can also Watch a video with the SIRIUS wireless control system

Look at the vibration damping stand demonstrator and HMI easily created via latest web standards:

Sirius - vibration damping stand HMISirius - vibration damping stand HMI