You ask for improvements, we listen...

As far as our team remembers, the last 6 months have been the most busy period ever. Since we introduced REX version 2.50.1, we were receiving both positive and negative feedback from our users, as well as requests for new features. We are grateful for all the comments and messages, even the negative ones. Especially the negative ones! Above all, our users have clearly told us the importance of an up-to-date documentation and we have acted upon the requests.

Today we are releasing new version of REX with new features, improved user experience and documentation. Current stable version is 2.50.4.

The key points of the new version include:

  • The workflow in RexDraw was slightly changed. The connection to the target device is now independent of the application mode (Development or Watch mode). This allows you to keep diagnostic windows open while developing your project.
  • It is possible to open task and executive diagnostics by clicking on respective block while in Watch mode.
  • It is possible to save the whole project to another folder.
  • It is possible to save project source files on the target device (see the PROJECT block).
  • Improved From/Goto flags localization across multiple windows.
  • Added support for multi-line strings and \r, \n, \t control sequences.
  • Added support for custom headers in HTTP block.
  • Completely reorganized library of example projects. Each example now has a unique ID to clarify communication with our support team.
  • RexHMI Designer synchronized with Inkscape 0.92.
  • Improved configuration dialogs in RexHMI Designer.
  • Web HMI is automatically refreshed after REX configuration has been changed.
  • Fixed problems with GPIO access on some variants of the Raspberry Pi.
  • Improved documentation, namely Getting started guides, RexHMI Designer and OPC UA manuals.
  • Various bugfixes and minor improvements.

If you are just starting with REX, simply pick one of the Getting started guides which is right for the hardware you are using.

For those of you who are already using REX, we have prepared instructions for upgrading.

See the Development history for a comprehensive list of new features and bugfixes.

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