Control system design and implementation

The REX Controls company offers turnkey solutions in control systems area. No matter if your existing machine or technology needs a control system upgrade or if you are at the beginning of a brand new project, we are always ready to help.

We also offer consulting services in the case your existing control system requires optimization.

Non-standard and time-critical applications are our passion. In such projects the standard solutions often lead to unsatisfactory performance or extreme costs.

The control system design and development typically includes:

  • identification of the key dynamic properties of the machine or process
  • thorough mathematical and physical modelling
  • design of suitable control structures, tuning and optimization of parameters
  • design and customization of operator interfaces (HMI)
  • deployment
  • service and maintenance

Our experience and positive feedback from our customers show that significant improvements in quality and economical parameters can be achieved by using ingenious control algorithms. Such algorithms must be based on deep knowledge of control theory and physical nature of the controlled system.

Review our references and if you are interested, we will be pleased to hear from you.