Control system for shifting stand manipulator (ZF Engineering)


Based on REX, a control system of robotic manipulator for shift systems in automatic transmission systems was developed. The manipulator is used during durability tests of the mode selector. The tests are conducted in climate chambers under extreme conditions ranging from -35°C to +90°C. The mode selector is connected to the robotic manipulator via a 3-axis torque cell. The forces acting on the mode selector in 2 axes are precisely controlled during the test. At the same time, the mode selector must be positioned precisely. Extremely robust control schemes must be used due to wide temperature ranges. Extensive records of all the data measured during the test are stored in the operator PC for further analysis within the ZF company. The development was done by ZF Engineering together with ZČU/KKY team.




During control system development, the whole system was tested using MIL and HIL techiques.

HW and SW used

  • HW: Lanner - LEC with Linux/Xenomai, I/O moduly B&R
  • SW: REX Control System
  • SW: Vizualization - NI LabVIEW