High pressure generator for calibration purposes (ZF Engineering, UWB)


A control system for high pressure generator for pressures up to 100 MPa has been developed based on REX. It is dedicated for calibration of measuring devices. The rationale of the generator is based on the volume expansion of silicon oil caused by its temperature increasing. The pressure vessel filled by oil is equipped with electrical heating and air cooling elements. Advanced control system with heating and cooling actuators provide the pressure accuracy of 0.01 MPa. Moreover, the pressure vessel is equipped with the connection interface to the calibrated sensors. The developed solution provides the best price/performance ratio on the world market. The stand was maintained by ZF Engineering and UWB/KKY.


HW and SW

  • HW: WinPAC based on Windows CE 5.0
  • SW: REX Control System
  • SW: Visualization/HMI - NI LabVIEW