SC2FA - selftuning controller for oscillating systems

PIDMA - PID regulátor s pulsním autotuneremSC2FA  implements new frequency identification experiment which together internal disturbance model creates the core of automatic tuning of controller for vibration damping. The controller for active vibration damping estimates automatically the resonant frequency of oscillating system. Based on the internal model, the active vibration control is implemented in this block. See more details in the function blocks manual.

SC2FA is a standard part of RexLib blockset, which is available for both Matlab-Simulink (pro Windows) and REX control system.

The individual licence for Matlab-Simulink is available upon request. SC2FA was successfuly applied for active damping of vibrating vanes.

If you are interested in implementation of SC2FA vibration controller on your HW/SW platform please contact us.