SMHCCA - controller for heating-cooling processes

PIDMA - PID regulátor s pulsním autotuneremSMHCCA block serves for control of temperature heating/coolingprocesses with highly non-symetrical binary actuators. In this case the PID controller gives not sufficient results. The controller is based on sliding-mode principle. The main advantages are easy autotuning and high temp control quality. See more details in the function blocks manual.

SMHCCA is a standard part of RexLib blockset, which is available for both Matlab-Simulink (pro Windows) and REX control system.

The individual licence for Matlab-Simulink is available upon request. SHMCC block was succesfully implemented in plastic extruder controllers produced by PMA GmbH.

If you are interested in implementation of SMHCCA temperature controller on your HW/SW platform please contact us.