Development of software for automatic tuning of controllers

The tools for automatic tuning of industrial controllers are essential for keeping the machines and processes in top shape. The majority of heuristic methods for automatic tuning, which are implemented in standard compact controllers, is not reliable at all. And this can be the reason why more than 60% of industrial controllers work with default parameters or even in manual mode, which of course leads to extreme economic, material and energy losses.

The REX Controls company offers reliable methods for automatic tuning of industrial controllers. The methods are theory- and industry-proven, they were successfully implemented in many control systems. It is possible to use these methods in several ways:

  • As a special software which communicates with the compact controller of the hardware vendor
  • As a function block which is implemented in the control system development environment
  • As a code which is implemented directly in the compact controller

Review our references and if you are interested, we will be pleased to hear from you.