Control system for tester of production quality of tubes (Hutchinson)


A control system for tester of production quality of tubes in automotive industry was created. It is based on REX platform which is installed on Advantech industrial PC with Linux OS. Each product must pass through various tests (passability, tightness) which are done on ATEQ device connected via RS232 and Modbus RTU. The internal part of each tube is a pair of wires which muss pass trhough test of ceratin value of electrical resistance. The resistance is measured by KEITHLEY device. After passing all tests, the final product is marked by code which includes unique ID, date and time of production. The results are also stored in the factory database (Wonderware). The testing machine has three slots for parallel testing.




HW and SW

HW: Advantech ARK-1503 with Linux operating system, I/O modules B&R

Visualization (HMI) panel Siemens KTP600 Basic PN

SW: REX control system

SW: Visualization - Siemens WinCC