ZV4IS - Zero vibration input shaper

ZV4IS - vstupní tvarovací filtr pro tlumení vibrací The function block ZV4IS implements a FIR band-stop frequency filter. The main field of application is the vibration damping in motion control of flexible systems where the low stiffness of mechanical construction causes an excitation of residual vibrations which can be observed in form of mechanical oscillations. Detailed description can be found in reference function blocks manual. Compared to classical notch filters, the ZV4IS block ensures the stability, has monotone step response and add smaller delay to the loop.

ZV4IS is a standard part of RexLib blockset, which is available for both Matlab-Simulink (pro Windows) and REX control system.

The individual licence for Matlab-Simulink is available upon request. ZV4IS is included in control system of AGEBOT and other robotic platforms and mechatronical models (see references).

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If you are interested in implementation of ZV4IS block on your HW/SW platform please contact us.