RexLib blockset

RexLib - knihovna bloků pro automatizaci, robotiku, měření a regulaci

RexLib blockset contains more than 200 function blocks for controlling industrial plants and machines.

The library is included in the REX Control System for all platforms.

Moreover, the library is available for other extensive software packages (Matlab, LabView) which simplify rapid application development. Besides, you can get the individual license of the most unique function blocks.

The function blocks are sorted into several sublibraries, the most important are:

GEN: Signal generators

REG: Blocks for industrial control. The most extensive library contains number of industrial controllers, compensators, selectors, process models etc. It also includes the advanced PIDMA, PIDAT, SC2FA, SMHCC, PSMPC and FLCU blocks.

LOGIC: Blocks for control logic, sequential automats (SFC, formerly Grafcet)

ANALOG: Processing of analog signals, vibration-damping filters

MOTION: Implementation of the PLCopen Motion Control standard

MODEL: Blocks for real-time simulation of dynamic systems

MATRIX, MATH: Blocks for mathematic and matrix operations

SPEC: Special blocks: user-programmable REXLANG block (C-like language), RDC block for data connection between Simulink, REX and SCADA/HMI systems