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Advanced automation and control solutions - REX Controls

For more than 15 years we have been providing our customers with high-quality and state-of-the-art services. Our flagship and the cornerstone of our solutions is the REX Control System. Currently we are running a crowdfunding campaign for Monarco HAT, our add-on board for the Raspberry Pi minicomputer.

Revolutionary add-on board for Raspberry Pi

Monarco HAT illustration

Raspberry Pi is no longer scared of industrial automation!

  • Reading and archiving data from sensors
  • Monitoring of machines and production lines
  • Providing communication gateway between various devices
  • Feedback control in non-critical applications

Those are the applications we had in mind when we designed the add-on board which we call the Monarco HAT.

Read the whole story of Monarco HAT on Indiegogo, a trusted crowdfunding platform.

Our services

Control systems

Design and implementation of complex control systems for machines and industrial processes

Testing stands

We develop turnkey solutions for component testing

Specialized control algorithms

We consider non-standard automation and control projects a challenge, not a problem

Industrial robots and manipulators

Design and development of special robotic manipulators, control system included

Rapid prototyping, HIL simulations

Modelling of systems and technological processes, implementation of real-time models for HIL simulations

What our customers say

"I just bought REX for Raspberry Pi and I'm really happy and impressed of all I can do with it. I really enjoy the RexHMI extension for Inkscape and I got it working pretty fast. You have a really nice product."

Benoit F., Canada