Process Control
and PID Autotuners

A PID-autotuner is a device that automatically computes the parameters of a PID-controller based on the response of a plant to some test input. The goal is to achieve the best control possible given the tuning objectives. Many PID-controllers in the field use the default parameter settings, since it is too time-consuming to tune them manually. However, badly tuned controllers not only lead to less efficient control loops, they can also result in unpredictable system behaviour and possible large economic losses. An autotuner can be of great help in spotting these kinds of problems as well as remedying them.

REX Controls has developed a highly reliable pulse PID-autotuner (PIDMA) based on a model set approach that will never fail for generic processes. A generic process means a process with a substantially monotonic step response that is typical, for example, in controlling temperature, pressure, product quality or liquid level.

REX Controls offers the complete PID-controller algorithm license with built-in autotuner, its implementation in C language, and PC-tool for debugging network controllers. Our autotuners have been delivered to major companies manufacturing and supplying industrial controllers and control systems such as West Control Solutions (Germany), ZAT, TECO and Jablotron (Czech Republic).

The demonstration of algorithms is available on-line in the form of virtual laboratories at


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