Industrial IoT
(Internet of Things)

Modern production systems rely on interconnected machines and devices, which exchange data either at shop floor level or with MES and ERP systems in the upper layers of the automation pyramid. Connecting to cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and AWS IoT is also typical. Regardless of whether you call it Industrial IoT, Digitization or Industry 4.0, the backbone is always data acquisition and communication. Many legacy control systems, PLCs and other devices are not capable of communicating via MQTT and utilize REST API, the two most popular means of communication for IoT solutions. This creates a gap between legacy industrial equipment and infrastructure and new technologies.

Is it necessary to replace these legacy systems and devices or is it more efficient to bridge the gap using a communication gateway? That’s where our customers benefit from 20 years of experience in industrial automation combined with out-of-the-box thinking of our engineers. 

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