Monarco hardware

Monarco HAT

Monarco HAT is an add-on board which provides analog and digital input/output interface following industrial automation standards for the Raspberry Pi (B+ and newer) minicomputer. It is designed according to the HAT specification (Hardware Attached on Top).

Advanced Industrial Computer

AIC is an industrial control computer based on the ARM platform developed with an emphasis on easy adjustment, scalability, reasonable computing power and perfect real-time behavior. Special algorithms may be implemented directly in programmable gate arrays (FPGA). It is suitable for tasks requiring a short sampling period, accurate timing and low latency. It finds its application in robotics, fast feedback control and motion control. EtherCAT communication support is a matter of course for these tasks.

RETIS hardware

RETIS Wireless Solution

Inspired by LTE and 5G concepts and TSN protocol, we developed a wireless solution targeted at fast real-time automatic control, monitoring and diagnostics applications. This MIMO wireless system working simultaneously at multiple frequency channels or even bands, allows highly deterministic and reliable data exchange between controller and sensor or actuator nodes with latency below 300 μs and refresh rates above 1.5 kHz. Moreover, sub-μs clock synchro nization between all nodes allows synchronized operation at all nodes, which is essential for control of fast systems.

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