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REXYGEN is a highly customizable real-time control software that merges advanced algorithms with simplicity. REXYGEN turns your hardware device into real-time automation controller, communication gateway, data logger or a single-purpose specialized device.

REXYGEN is the flagship software of REX Controls. REXYGEN accumulates two decades of research and development. It offers graphical programming of control algorithms with function blocks, sequential function charts and programmable function blocks. It offers a web-based human-machine interface (HMI), various communication protocols, OPC UA, industrial IoT and much more. 

REXYGEN provides unified development environment for all Linux and Windows runtime targets, from the smallest platforms (e.g. Raspberry Pi) through various PLCs (e.g. Wago PFC) or industrial PCs to server computers. REXYGEN is a core of the vast majority of control systems developed by REX Controls. People familiar with Matlab-Simulink are able to use REXYGEN almost immediately.

More than 1000 licenses of REXYGEN have been delivered worldwide. Visit rexygen.com for more information or download a free fully functional 2 hours demo version of REXYGEN.

Software Rexygen

Supported platforms

Monarco zařízení

Monarco HAT

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Raspberry Pi

Industrial Computer


Rexygen vývojové nástroje

Development Tools

REXYGEN Studio is the main development tool of the REXYGEN ecosystem. It allows to develop control algorithms, configure input/output signals, compile project and download it to a device powered by the REXYGEN runtime. All the engineer’s needs are covered, ranging from simple algorithms to large-scale industrial control systems, from simple logic operations and timers to signal filtering, PID control and beyond. Detailed diagnostics with live or archived data is always available for fine-tuning.


Function Blocks

Results of research and development in control and automation are integrated in function blocks. Today, we have more than 300 of them. Function blocks run at native code speed on the control device.

Rexygen funkční bloky
Rexygen komunikační protokoly

Communication Protocols

Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, EtherCAT, CAN and CANopen, OPC DA and OPC UA, MQTT, MAVLink and others are natively supported industrial and IoT protocols. Communication with Omron and Siemens PLCs is provided. Direct connection to SQL databases is available.

Human-Machine Interface

Simple Human–Machine Interface REXYGEN contains a built-in web server to provide Human-Machine Interface, turning the automation device into an all-in-one solution. The HMI for desktop, tablet or smartphone can be automatically generated or manually designed. The framework relies on HTML5 and works in all common browsers on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android.

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User Interface

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