Hardware for
Embedded Systems

Years of our experience with control system projects has confirmed that standard off-the-shelf hardware is not always the right solution. Complex and challenging projects sometimes need special electronics. And we have it covered.

The Monarco HAT extension module for Raspberry Pi for Industrial IoT applications, is an example which evolved from our own projects into a product trusted by hundreds of customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

For applications requiring very high speed signal processing, we can offer our AIC Modular Platform. It is based on Intel SoC with FPGA and two ARM CPUs coupled with a variable set of I/O cards. This hardware can be used as a controller with REXYGEN or as a smart and very fast I/O system in an EtherCAT network.

For medium scale projects, designing a tailor-made embedded controller can be the option. We provide a wide range of services including platform evaluation, hardware design, prototyping, Real-Time Linux support, FPGA design, and firmware development with the help of our proven REXYGEN system.


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