Autonomous Reversing T3T

Small-scale autonomous articulated Vehicle

Autonomous Reversing T3T - virtuální model

Virtual model

The small-scale test vehicle “Autonomous Reversing” is an autonomous articulated vehicle containing a truck with up to 7 trailers, intended for the research field of self-driving vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and educational purposes. Specifically, this vehicle was used for verification of a feedback stabilization and path tracking of backward driving.

Key features and benefits:

The vehicle is equipped with all necessary sensors (non-contact rotary encoder for measurement of joint angles and vehicle velocity, 2D light detection and ranging – LIDAR) and actuators (high response servos for individual steering of both front wheels, DC motor for vehicle movement). The vehicle is controlled by the Raspberry Pi equipped with REXYGEN system. REXYGEN provides a kinematical model of the vehicle and pre-configured control algorithm for backward driving and also allows the user to develop his/her own control algorithms.

Autonomous Reversing T3T

Real model

Quick Specification and Dimensions:

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