Active damping of vibrating vanes in a wind tunnel (UWB/FST)


The task of the active vibration damping of vanes in the wind tunnel was proposed to research a relative motion of the turbine vanes. The system in the wind tunnel fig.1 contains the eight vanes. The order of the vanes in the tunnel is following: two stationary, four active and two stationary vanes in the direction of the wind. The active vanes have their natural frequency approximately 84 Hz and the damping ratio 0.015. Therefore the control system and the identification process must satisfy the requirements on the high speed. The system REX was used for real-time control. The system of active vibration damping belongs to the class of oscillatory processes. We prefer to use the controller with autotuning function, because there will be many experiments with different configurations of the system. It is necessary to tune the controllers after each modification of the vanes system in the wind tunnel. The autotuning controller is based on the frequency identification, the internal model principle and the state feedback control and the controller parameters are obtained by the pole placement method. Two industrial PCs with the operating system PharLap were used to control these oscillating vanes. The main aim of this article is the presentation of the designed control algorithm and the measured results.


HW and SW used

  • HW: Industrial PC with PharLap ETS, Advantech I/O boards
  • SW: REX control system
  • SW: Visualization - NI LabView