Wireless systems and connectivity have become an integral part of our lives. WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC systems are widely used in everyone’s everyday life. While streaming of big data volumes (WiFi) or collecting data from relatively slow sensors (temperature, smart watches, medical monitors) is widespread, using wireless link in time sensitive applications is still in its infancy. The gap is caused by lack of wireless systems allowing deterministic data exchange of relatively small packets with high reliability, low latency, low jitter and high packet rate. With current progress in RF technology URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications) are being adapted into wireless communications and opening doors for new types of use cases. Factory automation including real-time control of machines and fast industrial processes, autonomous driving, robots and motion control, virtual and augmented reality, tele-diagnosis and tele-surgery in health care, smart grid networks or even gaming industry – all are calling for wireless URLLC.

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